Being human

Nowadays people put all their energy into making money and achieving things. Time becomes shorter, time becomes countable, time becomes money. When time becomes money, everything becomes money.

In the fast forward mode that people live they forget to care, they become robots, working machines, they become selfish.

They start to care only about themselves, they fear to lose the things they’ve got, the things they are addicted to, so they become suspicious, they try to control and manipulate other people. Fear and addiction are the first steps for hurting oneself and the others. People start not to care anymore about the consequences of their actions, they don’t care if they cause suffering, pain, sorrow. Step by step, they stop to care about anything, they become heartless and they enjoy it, because this gives them an apparent feeling of power.

They think that they deserve everything they have and they forget to be grateful for the gifts life gave to them. Their ego makes them feel they own everything. They think they own land with everything it’s on it, they think they own trees, oceans, the planet. They think they own life.

Most of the people are lost in life, without having a real purpose to live for. They hang themselves on the non-important things and they forget the essence of life. They are blocked in their limited view, they refuse to accept everything that crosses above their limited mind, their pride don’t let them see how wrong they are.

In their arrogance people think they own the planet itself. They take everything from it, but give nothing back. Planet Earth is suffering but nobody cares. Life around us is dying on fast forward mode. The climate changes, the green color is disappearing, being replaced with cement boxes.

Tons of plastic and toxic materials that are reversed in the oceans, the big industries don’t look at what they leave behind, they don’t care about the impact they have on this planet. They just care about money and power. They want people to be ignorant, because ignorance is a sign of weakness and weak people are easy to be controlled.

In people’s education it is lacking the care for the environment. They are taught a lot of information about a lot of things, but the most important one is missed: how to live in harmony with nature, with the life around us, how to care about ourselves and about the others. People eat daily a lot of chemicals that affect their body, mind and soul. Keeping people ignorant and weak is easy when the education is missing.

That’s how paradoxical behaviors are born. People make ceremonies, pray to the Gods for a better world, for health, for happiness, for money, they dress up in elegant clothes, offer sacrifices to the divinity and leave behind a huge amount of trash. They expect the Gods to come and clean after them, they expect miracles to fell off the sky. They want healthiness, happiness, wealthiness, but they don’t do anything to achieve it. They don’t see that they are the change they want to see in the world. They make garbage and they expect others to clean after them. They trow trash everywhere, they eat a lot of chemicals and they want a healthy life. They blame other countries, other companies, other people for polluting the planet while they are cutting the trees, throwing garbage in the ocean, isn’t it weird?

People should remember to love Mother Earth and to take care of it. People should remember that they make their own life and that they live here and now, so if they want healthiness, they should start living healthy.

All the chemicals that are in the food most people eat is pure poison. “We are what we eat”, the old quote says. Food really matters for the body to function well, it affects the emotions, the clarity of mind, the whole components that make the whole system working. Increasing education among people would increase global consciousness about the effect of the individual action.

To want to save the planet is stupid, because that would mean that we have the power to decide for the planet, that we own it. The planet tolerates human race, but if people continue to act like this, at a point Mother Earth would just shake a little and all the people would just disappear. We should stop being so arrogant and start being more responsible for our actions. We should start caring. Do you care?

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