Sumbawa – Indonesia

Sumbawa Island from Indonesia was a great surprise for me. I discovered here very diverse landscapes and some isolated villages with strong traditions regarding black magic that were still happening.

Because it was the anniversary of the local government, the government officials prepared a paragliding show and in the last moment, the governor of the island asked me if I wanna try paragliding. Sure thing! In the next 10 minutes, I was in the air, flying. What an experience!

I loved the old trees in the sunrise light, the buffaloes playing in the water and the local kids being shy. Sumbawa was also a harsh island, where I found it quite difficult being a solo woman traveling alone. I experienced some sexual harassment and after 10 days I decided to move on with my travels and to keep the good memories.

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  1. Iulian says:

    Great scenery, Simina!

    Thanks for taking the time to post these thoughts also such qualitative images.


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