Despre mine

I’m just a simple young woman who decided one day to leave everything behind and to take one way ticket to Asia to satisfy the inner calling to explore the world.

Then, I left wherever life took me. No plans. No restrictions. No attachments. It was a challenge for me to travel alone as a young woman. But challenge is what I was looking for. I wanted to get out of my own comfort, routine, habits and little obsessions. To experience life in its simplicity. And so I did. After two years, I’m still on the road. Still in Asia. I’m even more spontaneous, more relaxed, tolerant and less afraid. Now I know I can do anything. That nothing is impossible. That the only limits that I have are the ones I put on myself. And I try hard not to limit myself.

So my life is now the definition of chaos and spontaneity, but it’s more real than ever. I am more alive than ever. I’m broke, without any future plan, without a home, a job or a perspective. But I smile. It’s fine. I enjoy the journey. In the end, when life will reach it’s end, it wouldn’t matter what position I had or how much money in the bank account. It would matter how real I was and how intense I’ve lived my life, how satisfied I am. And I could say I followed my heart and did everything that crossed my mind. And that I loved it. So I don’t have any regret.

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Interview from the series Femei pe drum, by Desiree Halaseh.