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I was born in Bacau, a small city from Romania, on 15th February 1992. My curiosity made me passionate in multiple areas such as photography, writing, dancing, mountaineering, history of religions and cultural understanding.

I traveled the first time out of the country when I was 12 years old and the cultural shock made me want to know more about the diversity of the world. Since I was in high school I was part of different projects, most of them related to creative writing, ecology and journalism area.

I collaborated at a local newspaper during my last high school year and after graduating, I was part of the Satwa Guna (Illusion of forms) project (www.satwaguna.ro), as a junior photographer and writer. In the first stage I traveled to China, Nepal and India for almost 60 days.

The amount of the information and the richness of the culture I was in contact with made me want to go deeper in the subject, so, in the next stage of Satwa Guna Project, I decided to stay 80 days in only one country, Vietnam.

This year I graduated the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations at National School of Political and Administrative Studies, in Bucharest, Romania and I decided to take a year off from studies and start this project. Why? Because I need a break from theoretical way to live. It’s not a helplessness of facing studies. It’s just another way of studying.

It will start on in august 2014 and the first stop will be Indonesia, where I will make an internship through Global Community Development Programme, managed by AIESEC. Why Indonesia? Because it is so diverse with such a large area of minorities. The internship will last 6 weeks.

Then, I will go where life takes me. No plans. No restrictions. No attachments. It will be a challenge for me to travel alone as a young woman. But challenge is what I’m looking for. I want to get out of my own comfort, routine, habits and little obsessions. To experience life in its simplicity.

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