About the project

One World Story is a project about diversity in unity. In today’s globalized society, cultural identity is a confused term. This project aims to highlight through photography and storytelling the diversity that gives the world color. The uniqueness of every place and life being is waiting to be discovered, behind the appearance of one uniform direction the world has chosen to follow. You only have to change the point of view and the world changes in at its greatness. The secret is that you have to look deeper.

This project is about being different in a creative way. Each people has his own habits, traditions, taboos, values and principles, modeled by the historic conditions, philosophy of life, religions, climate and many other factors. Still, there is a unity in all this diversity. People have similar dreams, emotions, and expectations from life, exposed in different ways. Even the essence of religions and its manifestations have a common point in the opposite parts of the world.

One World Story develops the idea of understanding the world through individuals. It tells about little things that bring the uniqueness, about common people who represent the archetypes of a culture, about their art, society and way of life. One World Story is a project about the world of each of us that shape the world of all of us.

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